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Home / Sail Chat / Sail Chat 2024 / Sail Chat - 26.05.2024

Sail Chat - 26.05.2024

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Sparkling south westerly with sun dappled water and moveable cloud formations that made for ideal sailing conditions, welcomed us on this day. Ian and Andrew were the race team and set an appropriate windward, leeward course with a H mark off the Surrey bank which some boats ignored until informed by the kindly Doctor. Participants were Elize in Pinky Seaweed, James Bay in a Comet and Jane with Paul and me with Sarah ( Pauls friend and a novice crew) in Enterprises. It was an enjoyable sail with frisky winds and the calmer waters as the cloud and sun struggled for supremacy, Hampton at its best. We sailed for an hour and James easily dominated to win by some margin.

In the afternoon there was a definite change to the weather pattern as the breeze strengthened to cause more than a flutter in the sails alone! Out went a goodly Comet fleet of Philip, John Hollands and Tim fresh from the Aegean blue. Elize was out again without fear. Both Enterprises with the same teams came to the line, welcomed by a sharp squall and dashing rain. All survived!

The duty team decided on a short race as the wind was now gusting at 20 mph and much wind was being dumped on the beats. Some of the reaches were thrilling as the strong stream assisted the speed down wind. Bit of a struggle with this at the windward mark and the under powered Topper helm was heard muttering about it and I believe at one stage singing!

We all stayed up except poor Tim who 10 metres from the finish got caught by a gust and went over, finding the waters not quite as welcoming as before. Also out cruising most successfully in a club GP were Alex and Jade.

Team in the Timekeepers Box were Margaret and Susie and splendid Tea by Mary and her, not so little, helper Derek. I even broke the one piece of cake rule. Bar was Andrew and helpers. No many attendees (15 I think) which is a pity.

Must be mentioned one of our senior sailors Peter Skingley became 94 on the day before!


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