Social Gallery 2019

Magpie Race

Saturday 21st was the Magpie Race and it was truly blessed by a following wind all the way, this is a rare event. Watching from the Surrey bank the start had an eccentric feel to it with various odd flags flying, sound signals sounding and boats starting then returning and one even consulting the Race Officer. But Andrew does like variety!

All fleets were represented Comet (Tim and didn’t recognise), Enterprise (Duncan and Annie), GP14 (Kevin and Maureen) and two Merlins (Rob and Richard)( Stu with Sue) all thirsty for that yard of Ale. As I did not participate I can only rely on my various informants. Two of those blow up board things went but I did not see their start but I expect with their respective cores they did it in record time. All the sailing boats arrived pretty much together and I understand the ale was shared with some getting beery bosoms (is that PC?) bit of a HSC Communion then. Maureen cleansed the cup. 

Waiting for confirmation this was the fastest Magpie Race on record. Congratulations to the winners Kevin and Maureen (GP!4).


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