Sail Chat: Weekend of 5/6 June

Hampton Sailing Club activities took up the whole weekend of 5th and 6th June. Pirates Day on Saturday was a great success and I am not going to attempt to describe it as there is a ‘News’ Article on the website confirming its success.
Elsewhere on the Broads Ian and Sophie, representing HSC and the Enterprise Class took part in the Three Rivers Race.
Sunday brought not quite the glorious sunshine of the day before but a nice gentle south westerly of about 6 mph. Good showing of the Comets with Claude, David and Richard Cass all participating. Thanks to Alison (Timekeeper) her assistant Alexandra was able to sail with me. A short postponement allowed for this change of plan and I am grateful for the indulgence of all concerned. We were then all rewarded by a considerable downpour for the first lap. Then the sun came out and dried us off and Ra having taken the helm won. The race team of Roger and Graham set a windward lee ward course which had quite a bit of stream. We had a welcome visit from the River Patrol who will be assisting us in the future and leaving their boat at the club.
In the afternoon the weather got more humid, the sun came in and out, the clouds drifted over and with them the wind came and went. Good show again from the GP’s who now have the accolade of ‘Premier Class’. Derek and Mary, John with Sue, George and Chris, Keith with Susan and Trevor with Alison. The Merlins had Hywell with Evan and John with Deirdre. Two seems to be the fashion as the Handicap had David and Claude competing in Comets. In the Enterprises another tight match race as Jane and Michaela just fended off me and Ra in a close tacking duel to the finish. The best wind was in the morning. After sailing Evan went out in a Topper, a cause for celebration.
The Bar Popped up again with John, Sarah and Nicola serving tea, cake and drinks too. Alison H did the sums in the Box.  Apologies if anyone is missed out.

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