Sail Chat: 31.07.2022

A warm, muggy but steady 10 to 14 mph south westerly for us. A lone race officer Andrew coped well with a bit of help from early arrivals. He set a D to I course which suited the windward leeward course, giving a nice pole out run down river. Just Brian Comet, David in newly renovated Solo, Claude in the yellow peril Pico and me with Jane in the Enterprise. Nice warm, hour long race.
In the Box, now unscrewed, were Trevor and Alison.
In the afternoon we were joined by others, keen for Brian’s cakes and sandwiches. Three Enterprise out with girl power much in evidence – Ellen with Sue, Jane with Nicola and Ian with me, lumping about as crew. Good long race including a ‘J’ mark – what! Can tell the race officer is a Merlin sailor! Good wind though up and down.
George and Chris reigned supreme again in the Geeps, John and Ali had rope trouble, Keith (with Susan) is always trouble and Derek with Mary, as ever serene.
In the Handicap fleet Mango out with Ben on a non capsize bet – he lost, David Solo and Claude again Pico. Close race with the first two until Ben’s hike straps gave way.
Afore mentioned tea excellent with healthy from Ali and licky from Jane and Brian. The egg sandwiches were delicious and twice cooked by Maureen who was also on the Bar, replacing dear old Tony.
Recently an institution of HSC, Enterprise ‘Prime Pitch’ (named after a profitable deal) left the club for ever. This gallant and at times long suffering boat was bought, new by Trevor and Alison about 20 years ago. It had adventures in Lymington and was generously made available to youth and any club member who wanted to borrow it over the years. Many thanks Trevor and Alison, may it find an exciting times elsewhere. 
Finally congratulations to our Lionesses who have excited us time and time again with attacking footie and finally brought home the Trophy.  

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