Sail Chat: 26.12.2022

Sparkling clear day with sun glittering on the beautiful Thames, a fresh south westerly and a considerable stream, cheered us on this our last sail of 2022. Our Sailing Secretary, David and Atlantic sailor Brian officiated and Deirdre with the Commodore were keeping time. Very much a collective effort really with Michaela everywhere. Safety rescue was provided by Nigel, Hannah and Mack.
It should be designated as HSC Ladies Day because there was a majority of Women out sailing, Ellen with Daughter Annabell, Jane with Lucy Penwarden, Sophie Penwarden crewing me (briefly), in Enterprises. Immy with Dad, Livvy with Dad in Merlins and George out briefly in his Comet. Shortish course as the stream made the marks a trifle moveable and the windward mark required considerable tacking to make.
Unfortunate incident just before the start as George lost control as his boom came out, causing me to take evasive action, catch the mark with the rudder which snapped the retaining pin, the rudder came up and the boat lost steerage taking us to the Surrey bank, where the crew skipped out to stop us, and it was the end of our race. We were collected promptly by the rescue detail. George also retired but the rest sped away revelling in the conditions. They enjoyed it so much that Deirdre gave them an extra lap, which hubby really appreciated! It was fascinating to see Lucy’s gizmo screen mapping the race as their tacking was like a mass of jumbled knitting as it required so many tacks to make the windward mark.
Safety rescue was Dave, Brian and Hannah. BYO was prepared by Mack, Nigel, Amelia, Michaela. Bar was Nigel and Mack. Lots of others helped with the clearing up as always.
Sumptuous buffet provided by a byo, prepared by Mack, Michaela and Brian and the Bar was run by Brian and Nigel. Quite a few came to watch and socialise including old friends, Roger and Jenny from Lymington Yacht Club. The RYA Pennant was won by Old Man River with Livvy and the Dutchess with Annabel was second.
A terrific last days sail this year. So see you in the next one, war mongers permitting.

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