Sail Chat: 24.07.2022

This was gusty, blustery day with a warm south, south west wind which brought black cats paws on the river along with flat bits and then sudden back blasts. The forecast on the Guru was certainly spot on with gusts of 25 mph. This made for exciting but exhausting sailing especially for crews, moving in and out and then even further out but ready for the wind hole. Sensible up and down course, in view of the club house, set by the Sailing Secretary and veteran member, Richard Newman, who, honourably, pays his sub but just does his duties. Only three takers for the morning race Brian in his Comet, Tim and Claude club GP and me with Jane. All survived a capsize and the race was ended in a sensible short time.
In the afternoon the club suddenly filled and there was a good turn out. Enterprises out first in what seemed even  more pressure. Ellen with Ian and me with the muscular Richard Cass. We had a close race and did the full allotted laps.  The Dutchess finishing with a celebratory capsize as she crossed the finish line, to much hilarity. The GP’s had John with Sue, George with Chris, Tim with Claude and very briefly Keith with Susan. Keith having a strange attraction for Turks Boatyard and the inevitable lee shore and then rescue. He later complained of lack of rig tension? Then another lee shorer as the Handicap took to the water, James Peel was also pulled forth but recovered enough to sail the course in his Comet. This in turn caused a postponement of the Merlin fleet. The others in the Handicap fleet  were a welcome return of Ben in Mango Laser, Nigel Solo and Brian, now with Jane on board, in his Comet. Tight start for the Merlins as they fought for the pin end with John and Deirdre, Hywell with Nicola and welcome again to Tim Harms and Amelia, who unfortunately missed, or were pushed, the wrong side of the outer distant mark but went on to sail the course. John bumped Hywell, who luffed him and did turns, like a good boy, a rare sight in the Merlin fleet! Anyway J and D eventually powered away down wind to win. How do I know all this? Do I have a Drone?    No the ever vigilant Race Officer is my informant. 
Weary sailors were much refreshed by Ian and Susie’s excellent tea, we even had toasted tea cakes with butter and jam, now that is class!
After the tragedy during the week and the appeal from Surrey County Council, the Molesey bank was empty of teenagers. We doubt it will last, it takes a disaster for this temporary outcome. Also the Metropolitan and Surrey Police do not emerge with much credit for the way, over the summer years,  they have neglected our calls for help and allowed unlawful behaviour to continue.
See you next week Phill

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