Sail Chat: 21.05.2023

With an North Easterly wind at a relatively steady 10 to 15 knots we had an afternoon of proper racing unhindered by significant countervailing stream.  The AM never took place as it attracted no competitors at all.  The afternoon on the other hand fielded three Comets ( Ian in ‘Merlin’, James Bay in Kotare  and James Peel in Phoebe plus David in Wumpy, a Solo.  George sportingly entered UpsyDaisy, crewed by Chris,  in the same race although he may have sailed for GP14 points.  Either way between  George hot on his tail and Ian breathing down his neck, David had a hard time figuring out how far ahead he had to be in order to to win.  As it turned out David won by 9 seconds on handicap from Ian in second, James Peel third and James Bay in fourth.  

Meanwhile Nigel was coaching Ellen in his Merlin for the PM MR race and when Ellen retired Suzannah and her friend in their Merlin completed the race unopposed and without incident.  No other Merlins entered.

After our robust tussle on the water we were very grateful to Deirdre, Suzie Peerless and Susannah for their sponge cake and walnut cake and all manner of cake for our tea.  

Thanks to the direction of the wind I could hear the timekeepers so thanks Deirdre and her team, some doing double duty.  
Lastly props to John Bell DO for laying the angles on the course with his usual skill and experience. 
Course: I  H   E  D


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