Sail Chat: 18.07.2021

Very hot day with Molesey Junior Rowing Regatta to share the river with, along with a multitude of young people, in and on various floating devices along with pump up canoes and those teetering on paddle boards. So a bit of a snakes and ladders job for sailors, especially in the afternoon.
The morning wind was light but it did stay around and sometimes pleased, it came from a sort of north westerly direction. Race Team of Philip Dalby and Alan laid a course to accommodate what wind there was and the rowers. We had David in his Solo, Richard Cass in a Comet, Tim with Claude and Paul (alone) in GP’s and me with Chris in the Enterprise. David played the Surrey bank and gained the windward mark first, whilst the rest of us tried Middlesex to less effect. Downwind legs were really tricky and it really was a case of looking for the wind ripple on the water, challenging but just enough breeze to be fun. 
The afternoon brought us more sailors but no Merlins. The GP’s suffered from the lack of regulars too with only Tim with Claude and Paul with Sue out, in a close contest. The Handicap had David and Nigel in Solo’s, James in a Comet and Ben back Lasering. Both then handed Nigel the advantage as he had read the course board. In the Enterprises it was decided democratically! That the young Women should helm so Lucy Cooper (now a full member of the proletariat) helmed Mum, Sophie helmed Dad and Ra helmed me. Spirited start and close at the first two marks but then the wind almost died and Sophie showed her experience to romp away.
Credit to our time keepers Hillary and Nicola as it must have been very hot in the Box. Sumptuous tea by Susan and Sonja and a jolly bar by Alan. Accolades for Richard Cass and John Hollands who have put in a considerable amount of labour on the roof rollers. Frustratingly, so far they have been easily surmounted by youth.
See you next week Phill

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