Sail Chat: 18.04.2021

Fine sunny day with a fickle north easterly which was nice off Bell Hill but very light upstream of the club. We welcomed our first Handicap race of the year. Just Simon with Claude in the Merlin, David in a Comet and me with Jane in an Enterprise. We started downstream to I and then a bit of a fetchy run up to E. The Merlin had a different velocity and sped round lapping the other two. The final lap was too much for David and I so we retired.
Race Team for the day was Derek with Alan and Debbie Time Keeping. 
The afternoon produced two more Merlins along with Simon/Claude, Andrew with Ben and Hywell with a small, Beatle like, Effan. The GP’s had Keith with Susan and John with Ali. In the Handicap fleet Honey and David in Peters Comet sailed supreme. We in the Enterprises had Ian with Sophie, Jane (in Ellen’s boat) with Sue and Me with Alexandra (welcome back Ra). We had a very close race with the lead changing for all. But the final lap produced a master stroke by Ian coming in, from 3rd, on starboard at the I mark catching both of us on on port and then storming away, in new wind, to win by some margin. 
Up popped the bar with Alan and Ian with lovely roasted nuts and Michaela and Sonja with some tasty hot dogs.
Nice day all round with some old friends back with us.

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