Sail Chat: 17.07.2022

Regretfully I came late to this occasion as no crew was available. As you all know it was very hot but there was a nice breeze blowing from the south with a tinge of east in it. Exceptionally busy river as the annual rowing regatta was taking place and also some motor cruisers. Richard, Rob Bunner and the substantial presence of Kevin lowered the stress levels associated with the would be trespassers. Just one brave GP out in the morning Tim with Claude.
At half time the Youth Race had just the intrepid Elize out in Pinky Seaweed who went on for a clean sweep.
In the afternoon a close contest ensued between the two Comets out James Bay and James Peel. On the penultimate leg though James B sailed into a hole off Garrick and the other James just kept going, to round at I mark and go onto win. Two Enterprises out to my great pleasure, Ellen with Sue and Ava (yes Ava!!!) and an anonymous helm. Again the lone GP out accruing points all round. 
Perfect race management given the motley, youthful, rowers whizzing about everywhere. Secretly though I went for the Tea by Emily and Selena which more than came up to my expectations. Time in the Hot Box was by the Hon Secretary Nicola and Maureen.
Kevin has a clever method with our un-welcomes – whilst they are still in the water he asks if they intend to join, they tend to reply with the unprintable, he then tells them it is a private club, criminal damage has been caused, the police are investigating and a photograph helps. This seems to work but of course he is big and there are other imponderables! But please do report all damage, threats and insulting words to the Metropolitan Police either at the time or on line.
See you next week when hopefully I will have a crew – volunteers young or old welcome.

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