Sail Chat: 16.05.2021

Sunday 16th May heralded, not a fairest day, but the start of a Second series! In fact it rained mostly throughout the day with varying degrees of intensity. However the wind was reasonably consistent from the south, south west, so much so one could lay the windward mark upriver in one port tack from the I or H mark down river. Only Simon/Claude dipping their toe in the morning in the Merlin.
The afternoon presented a larger gathering which Hywell and Graham Penwarden sensibly separated on the land and water. Only two in the GP class John with the intrepid Alison and Keith with our other jovial Dutch person.
The Merlin class had Hywell with the courageous Evan (he spelt it for me), John with Deirdre, Andrew with Ellie and Nigel with Ellen. The latter had to retire with a holed boat, there are a few lately! Hywell junior deputised for senior to allow him to sail. This proved to be another success as the minute one enabled another win for Grandad.
Only Ben in the Handicap class in his Laser. But as active in other useful ways as ever.
In the Enterprises, with a very welcome return of the Parkers, we had Jane with Michaela in my boat, Sophie with Ian in Jane’s boat and me with Ra in Duncan and Annie’s boat. It was a reasonable sail wind wise but rained steadily and then heavily throughout. Young Hywell was a hero because he shortened our race as the rain increased. All came off the water soaked. In the box was Nicola and Sarah and a very handsome tea was served up by Lucy and the elegant Jane, looking as she was straight from a point to point! John on the bar and generally available for a chat. What’s more he mowed the Church Land last week so it is more like the Oval every week! 
The Pop Up was in our new tent as was the tea and enjoyed by all. A ragged out-door Happy Birthday was sung to Deirdre and Nigel made announcements. 
Next Working Party Wednesday 19 May 10:30 at HSC, don’t be shy!!!

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