Sail Chat: 13.12.2020

Sunday 13th December 2020 brought a wet and eventually quite breezy south easterly with some stream. A course of a down river H mark off Bell Hill on a reach, across to H off Garricks Ait, for a beat and the a reach up river to E mark for Merlins and a F mark for the rest, all to starboard. Richard Cass was race officer Rob Bunner his assistant and Ben as ever a willing helper. Rob made a sparkling job of power washing the Timekeepers Box, which confined the Aviator on the clock.
Slight postponement as the considerable Merlin fleet were faffing. But out they went with Hywel with Flynn, Stuart with Nicky, John Bell with Deirdre and Andrew with Ellie. I saw no incidents but the front two had a tight battle until a considerable helm put his foot through the hull.
They were followed by the Enterprises of Ellen with Amelia, Ian and Sophie and me with Jane. The Dutch(ess) flew away at the start and led for much of the 6 laps (or was it 5) but stalled at H off the Surrey bank and Ian slipped by, P and J stayed consistently third.
The GP of Keith with John Hollands raced with the Handicap fleet of Nigel (Solo) and George (Comet). It was pleasant sail, in wind, which was quite short but this was again due to Sausages, with which Amelia did a tasty job with three sorts, hot bread and even fried onions. This was chased by the very fine Roasted Nuts and other sups from the Pop Up. The Sailing Secretary was putting up his Christmas Tree.
A brief fond mention of our once very active member in the Fleet – Jackie Rhodes, Jackie’s boat was called Allegretto
and she also played a fine tune on the ivories. She passed on last week. 
See you next week which is our last but one of 2020.
See you then. Phill

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