Sail Chat: 13.11.2022

Well you know the weather! The breeze was from the ESE and so a beat down river to marks off the Church Land or nearby and then up river to either an F or E mark on a sort of reachy run. Bit chilly for those dressed for the forecast of 17%. Rob and James in charge and a very friendly Box with Hillary, Debbie and the Queen of Timekeeping-Margaret. 
First off four Enterprises! Wow – such a good show! Ian and Susie, Jane and Dutchess, Richard with Claude and me with Hannah. Away went the husband and wife team maintaining their perfect series record so far. Some were even lapped no names given.
Three GP’s of Derek and Mary, George with Chris and a very jolly boat of pirate Llew, Keith and Paul. Much merriment from this one and the race completed too. 
In the Handicap class, please see the report from the Hon Sailing Sec below -, a mixture of personality cult and self-criticism. 
David won his race, despite rounding the (deep) H mark rather than the I mark, an error caused by his failure to go to Specsavers.  But it wasn’t fatal as Michaela helming with Brian as cargo showed no sign of doing the same and eventually David corrected his mistake. Unfortunately, James Peel decided to follow David’s example with respect to the H mark and as he was out of earshot headed to the windward mark prompting him to eventually resign.’
The moral of this do not follow the H.S.S and I do like ‘cargo’.
The lone Merlin sailed by the Hon Bar Secretary and Nicola had a bit of trouble with the billowy thing at the front but represented their fleet ably! Sausages and accompanied delights were served by a very colourful and up-beat Ellie and her assistant Andrew. Bar by James not being solemn!
Thanks for all those that noticed my previous entry – I like to keep your interest!
See you next Week. Phill

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