Sail Chat: 13.09.2020 Enterprise Open

Sparkling September Weekend on the 12th and 13th with HSC holding consecutive events. With an 8 to 10 mph west south westerly three intrepid sailing boats set off on the truncated Magpie Race. This had become a visit to Cooper Castle instead, which many might say is a better bet. Our worthy sailors were Derek and Keith in a GP (who claimed the record 29 mins), Claude in a Comet and a veritable family, bubble of Bunners in their Wayfarer. On arrival they were greeted with delicious dog rolls, fairy cakes (made by the Duchess) and a Pop Up Bar. It’s getting boring writing it but careful social distancing was observed except by Charlie (the dog not the child) who amused by consuming two cake wrappers, a pigs ear, various other items, nearly a paper napkin and a wasp (I saved him). Andrew and Roger officiated, Hillary and Karen timed and some went up in Georges Ship. Keith consumed, slowly, half a yard of Ale, there is a video!
On the Sunday we had our Enterprise Open. 13 boats entered and we had visitors from Minima, four boats towed up just like the old days, great effort! One RYA and one Rickmansworth. All the others were ours, so very well done fleet for turning out and many thanks to Duncan and Annie for lending theirs.
Richard Page and Peter Skingley were race officers and they made a perfect job of it. Derek and Mary kept time in their impeccable way and Ellen and Ian ran the Pop Up.
In a frisky south westerly of 12mph with warm sunshine we had 3/4 hour races, two nearly back to back then lunch al fresco and then another 3/4 hour race. The visitors Nigel and Andy Bird and David and John Beaney sped away to duel at the front for all three races with lesser of us in the van. Nigel and Andy had a clean sweep and their technique is a treat to watch, if you can see them that is.
Great to see the youth represented by Sophie and Ben, Sammy sailing with Dad, James and Luke with Dad, Charlie with Big James and Dad and Honey with Jane.
Results. Youth Cup Ben and Sophie. Thames Valley First Ladies Trophy Ellen and Deirdre. First; Thames Valley River Trophy and Hampton SC Enterprise Trophy Nigel and Andy Bird RYA. Second; Thames Valley Silver Division Cup David and John Beaney Rickmansworth SC.  Third; Philip and Jane Chambers HSC. Full results on the Hon Sailing Secretary’s phone – so good luck with that !
The Commodore made a short appropriate speech, David said quite a bit and managed to get in most of the pics and I think I thanked all the right people but I apologise if I did not. It was a terrific day and I feel it is one in a small way a counter to our unseen enemy. 
Next Week back to normal – well sort of! Phill

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