Sail Chat: 11.12.2022

First apologies to Kevin and Maddy who I left out last week and who won their race too. 
Very cold, foggy day with a scant ENE breeze, with the added bonus of a white frost and a dust of snow, yum yum! Duty Team of Andrew and Alan struggled to get the reluctant water to flow in the club pipes and the few gathered in the club house to get vestiges of warmth from togetherness and our labouring heaters. But then Lo! The caterer angel turned out (Lucy York) to spread vittals of good cheer and then arch cooker John Hollands bearing gifts (well not gifts you have to pay for them) of a multitude of sausages. 
Their seemed a reluctance to sail by some and the Enterprise combatants shook on a decider next week, far too cold for the senior service GP’s only their youth team in evidence. One gallant Comet combatant, James whilst the Solo sailor present muttered something about responsibilities, trophies and shuffled pieces of paper, another donned blazer and flannels. Two Merlins out as well, all three can just be seen in the photo’s on whatsup. Hywell with the ever willing Hannah (tell she is in the NHS) and Stu with Nicola, dressed for the antarctic. All three drifted gallantly round for an hour whist most of us huddled in the club, drafting the profits (sorry surplus’s) up in the bar assisted ably by a experienced Alan. I felt guilty but the IPA helped assuage it. As Llew (Ky) was in attendance much Lego was constructed and this cosy atmosphere was only broken by a freezing gust as the participants came in to much admiration.
Susie and Sonja, freezing in the box, did the time keeping and the sausages exceeded all expectations thanks to John and Lucy.
Next week is the last Frostbite followed by festive song so be there.

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