Sail Chat: 11.07.2021

Soft breeze bang from the south entertained us and made the giant flag of St George fly out straight. This deviation from the usual flag etiquette was endorsed by a very senior member of the afterguard AND THE DUTCHESS. This wind direction always presents dilemmas for race teams so a short beat was introduced off Bell Hill with varying results for sailors. Given the Salcombe exodus we had a good showing for the morning handicap of Simon Claude Merlin, Michaela and Christopher Enterprise, David with Honey Comet, Brian Laser, Peter OTI, Paul and Llew GP and three generations of Rob, Grandad and Ava in the Wayfarer. So many different traditional classes-so many permutations for expert time keepers Karen and Sue.
Come the afternoon the wind had a tendency to veer to the west a bit so the starts were now uphill. Class racing was a bit thin but there was one Merlin Simon and Claude, two GP’s Derek and Mary and Paul with son Llew, one Enterprise Christopher and Michaela, who joined the respectable handicap fleet. This fleet had David with Honey Comet and Brian Laser. The Hon Sailing Secretary had a slight navigation problem with the H marks, claiming sight malfunctions! New members Claire and George were taken out for a trial sail, respectively by Jane and James.
A delicious home made tea was provided by Selena and Jane. Richard Cass was the flag provider, expert barman and ARO, Michaela presided Vice wise and the race management was close to perfect! Thankfully no security team was required but by the look of the forecast and pics on whatsap they may be required soon.
See you next week.

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