Sail Chat: 11.04.2021

Action on our reach commenced on Saturday as HSC Paddlers mustered on Bell Hill for their first foray. I don’t know what the collective noun is for this intrepid group but I would suggest a ‘Plonge’, whatever, they were certainly, with one or two exceptions, a young bunch. Some good pics on the WhatsApp.
Our second session of sailing commenced on Sunday 11th April 2021 with a Northerly, but with some sunshine, which true to form amused off Bell Hill and frustrated upstream of the Club. Simon, Claude and Rupert (great to see you Rupert) officiated with Hillary in the Box.
First out the GP14’s fielded John Hollands with Trevor, George and Chris, Peter of the Island and friend and Keith solo bimbling, he may have been in the Handicap Fleet though?
Two Merlins out Stuart and Nicky ( I think it was Nicky but she was in disguise) and, ‘roll of drums’, no less than John Heath with Sue (Sue can crew anything she is not fussy).
Handicapping were David and another roll of drums, Honey, (advising David on his Tailor), Nigel in his Solo and slimline Ben in his Laser, the latter was leading but he just cannot resist a dousing or two.
All the Sisters Helming in the Enterprises, Ellen with Lucy (the one with the Tot), Sophie with Dad and Jane with me. Exciting little episode as a wicked front went through, taking out Peter and crew and very nearly us, just off Bell Hill. Graham and Aidan watched with amusement from the bank, whilst dogs (of which there are many) examined the push chair!
Next Week back to the Morning Handicap and the pop up Bar with roasted nuts promised and rumour has it maybe a snack.
It is wonderful to be back. Phill

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