Sail Chat: 10.07.2022

Rather pleasant, gentle north westerly for us, which was a surprise. Very warm and humid too. George and James were on duty and in the hot box were Marylyn and Chris. Really nice to see John, son of Brian, back after six years. He took Brian’s Comet out whilst Dad had George’s, Simon and Claude were in the Merlin and a welcome return of the Aviator and Amelia (who have been away aviating lots) Col crewed me and Amelia crewed Jane in the Enterprises. A reasonable, steady breeze blew for most of the race with just the occasional windless hole or when a large motor cruiser sucked all the wind when passing. Once again the Merlin suffered the handicap whilst being nearly a leg ahead, the price one pays for being a fast class!
After a rather reduced number for lunch due to Salcombe and holidays, our numbers swelled. James Peel arrived with his feisty Mum to sail his Comet, Brian was out again as was John in Comets and they were joined by James Bay in his, a positive covey of Comets. Youth will prevail and not forget, John showed the way round for them in both races. The Merlin was out again as were the two Enterprises with a reversal of the morning results. Roger came out again in his Laser too.  Unfortunately the wind did not do us justice it was very light, fickle and at times went to most points of the compass.
Whilst we were out ‘enjoying the 29 degrees, John and George were sweating over the leaking chain ferry, picking up members from Bell Hill, rescuing motor boats and fending off invading youth. One of which, a chubby, foul mouthed individual of about 14 who hammered on the balcony windows and jumped off the roof into the water not far away from my boat. We must keep a close lookout for him in the future. 
Tea was by Jane and Amelia and the bar was by James Bay. Some of us drank a toast to Tony dAngibau who would have been there.
See you next week when it might be even hotter.  Phill

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