Sail Chat: 07.08.2022

An expected light northerly turned into a pleasant south westerly in the morning and again it was hot about 27C. Excellent duty team of George and Rob Bunner along with Sarah and friend Hannah in the hot box. D to H proved to be in the wind and produced an enjoyable hour long race for The Enterprises of Michaela with Brian, sailing Isadora, me and Jane in Clea and Claude in the yellow peril. Michaela sprung into the lead for the first two laps but hit a hole at D and was overtaken. Great to see her in an Ent.
The Junior race had Pinky Seaweed with Elize out against Harry, Ava and Emily in a Comet.
The afternoon brought more to the river, first off three Enterprises Jane with Nicola, Michaela with Brian and me with visitor Hannah. The GP’s had Derek and Mary (looking fashionably pastel) and John with Ali. In the Handicap was James Bay, Claude again on the Pico and Roger in his Laser.  Stuart Wright now promoted to the Hot Box.
Disappointing breeze as the the wind had veered to the west and then north west and gone very light especially up river. We all got round, some quicker than others and George shortened the races to a sensible hour or so. Sumptuous tea from Chris with delicious strawberry cake.
After the racing some enjoyed the cooling Thames for a swim. Not many other craft out, a few paddlers and some wild swimmers but all good humoured. Hurst Park is uncannily empty of the local youth and the usual trouble makers and has been since the tragedy. 
See you next week – it is cooler on the river or even in it!

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