Sail Chat: 04.09.2022

First an apology as I left out the Commodore and Brian in last weeks blog. They did both races very well!
I missed the the morning race so will rely on informants. I knew the Hon Sailing Sec. had done OK because he was exceeding cheerful, along with him were the Commodore with Brian (Comet) who were also lit up. Tim and Claude were in the GP and James Bay in his Comet. According to legend it was a frisky southerly and that’s why the Solo revelled. Vet member Martin and, not seen enough of, young Hywell were on duty. In the box was Fiona and later Ellen.
This was followed by an exciting duel in the junior race between Harry in the Pico and Elise in Pinky Seaweed. More of this later?
In the afternoon class racing the Enterprises had Chris with Ra and me with Jane. The wind had now subsided somewhat and started to back. This made J mark challenging as it was the gybe mark and sometimes blanked by the island. The starts were all up river as this direction was dictated by the true wind and hugging the surrey bank, hiking up to keep others out, was the way to go.  Only later did it shift considerably and our finish was now on a run. The vagaries of the river!
In the GP fleet there was John with Sue, George and Chris, Tim with Claude and Keith with Susan. Sadly due to communication difficulties and, whilst leading, Keith rounded a mark incorrectly. This led to a distant voyage round the island and a sailing lesson for Susan as penance.
In the Handicap class was David (Solo) now humbled by the dropping wind, Paul and Lego legend Llew (Pico), James Bay and James Peel Comets and double handed Comet Brian and Michaela- who won!
The Merlins had Hywell senior with another small grandchild Evan, John Heath with Debs and Andrew with Nicola. Very decent timings of the races just an hour.
Splendid tea, positively Harrodian from Jane. and Bar by  avuncular John. Michaela announced the Magpie race and Enterprise Open for next week and then we had a sort of presentation of the Junior race results as only the Hon Sailing Sec can give. It seems Harry won the male cup and Elise the female cup but they are not yet ready for presentation. Harry, Elise and all await  breathlessly for their arrival. Which reminds me we have not seen the Old Gaffers trophy yet? Finally congratulations to our very own Tim Lester who was first over the line in a channel island race with JOG, one of his crew was Sophie Peerless. They came second on handicap after waiting half an hour for the second boat. Has our HSS been near the JOG handicap system?
Well that’s it folks, hope no one missed this time.

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