Sail Chat: 04.07.2021

With two of our longest standing members, Steve Goulter and David Sammons nothing could go wrong with our racing, old style practices, often forgotten, were refreshingly rehearsed again. Matched in the Box by Hilary and Margaret. Also in a box of his own expert making was Keith, described initially by him as for naughty children it later emerged that it was for our fancy new BBQ. 
Given that a large percentage of the club was in Salcombe we had a good show for the morning handicap of Paul in the Pico, trying to defeat the physics of weight versus sail area, James making a good crack of sailing a Comet, Claude also in a Comet (both thanks to generosity of Chris and George Bell which must not be forgotten), Brian in Fence Post and Me with Jane in the Enterprise. The wind was from the SSW and fluctuated in strength due to changing cloud cover and some sunshine. A sensible course was set windward leeward and just once one could just lay the top mark on one port tack but most of the race there was a considerable shift some metres before it requiring a tack or two. It was also very warm and made for interesting racing.
In the afternoon we had a few more arrivals and the wind went up a notch or two. Out went George with Chris and Derek and Mary in the GP’s, no Premiers but the Handicap came to the party with Graham (no less) now in a Comet, James in a Comet, Claude now in a Topper, Brian in his Laser and the Regatta champ Ben in his. 
Out in the Enterprises came Jane with Michaela, Ian and Sophie, Richard Cass with Paul and a welcome return of Christopher with me. Jane/ Michaela had a perfect start on the pin and went on to lead by a margin. By now the skies were darkening, the wind had veered more to the west and had increased, giving a more tactical race. In our penultimate lap all boats, save one, who were off Bell Hill, were hit by a big gust and capsized this included Jane/Michaela, Richard/Paul and Graham. This did for Jane and Graham’s race but Richard carried on to first charge the club pontoon and then to finish – Hero!  
Very nice Tea by Mary, Fiona & Elise and the Pop Up was by Nick and Ian but, oh woe, the card reader packed up. Absolutely no comment from this financial Pterodactyl!
Thanks to the footie and the weather we were spared a youthful invasion.
See you next week when I am in charge with Richard Cass and according to conditions we may have security.
Best of super sailing to our Merlin members in Salcombe.

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