Sail Chat: 02.10.2022

After a gloomy and wet start to the day the skies cleared and a very fickle northerly crept in. With a temperature of 17% it was a pleasant Autumn day. Delightful Gareth and daughter Eira all the way from Chichester and Stuart J all the way from Epsom were on duty, with Fiona in the time keepers box. Low turn out due to extra curricular activities. Just three out in the morning the Commodore with Brian in the Comet, Claude in the Pico? and me with Jane Enterprise. The duty team set a sensible short course with a low F and an H Surrey then a short beat to H off Bell Hill. It was an interesting but enjoyable sail with the northerly playing its usual tricks and lasted just an hour. 
In the afternoon there were two Enterprises, Jane with Michaela and me with Ali, one GP out John with Sue and one Merlin Andrew with Claude and Brian in his Comet. Not quite so much wind but the short courses kept us mostly in the wind. 
Super tea with all kinds of delicious cakes by Ellie and Salina but not enough people to eat it all. Bar was by Philip. Out of interest Llew went fishing with Dad, landed a bike and witnessed the return of the mink, so watch your stern flaps. Please be mindful of the duck fences, they are fragile and a lot of work has gone into maintaining them. Don’t try and go afloat over them, just take them down and roll them up. Together with our furry friend this will keep the island free of muck.
Finally apologies to Roger, last week I left him out of the sailors afloat. Next week it is Merlin weekend so come and watch the fun and rule interpretations!

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