Sail Chat: 01.08.2021

Sunday 1st August 2021 produced a light south westerly which later on veered to northerly. Richard Page and Peter OTI were the race team and Ali was in the box with apprentice John Dunman. Nice short course to suit the few who were Claude Comet, Paul and Llew (chatting) in a GP and me with Jane. It was a nice little wind and a pleasurable sail. Slight deviation of the ‘time’ honoured rule that boats finish as the started – the horror! But with a mathematician in the box anything is possible. The Commodore showed his all round skill with a rescue of Claude in Garrick, on his paddle board no less. 
The afternoon brought Keith (alone I think) and Derek with Mary in GP’s. Reduced Handicap this week with Ben and Claude in Comets and I think that was it? Good show in the Enterprises with Jane and Chris, Ian with Susie ( welcome back in the boat Susie), Sophie with Sue, our multi skilled crew and me with Reuben 10 and Joseph 7, who both responded very well given it was their first ever race. Their Mum and Dad also had a sail in a GP. This was a very tricky race as the new northerly was frustratingly fickle as it always is from that direction but for once no rain, although it rained hard in Claygate which has a more elevated climate!
Super tea from various donors and excellent bar work from Duncan. The Commodore addressed in his usual sonorous, court room way and we were all well pleased, although various murmurings were still heard regarding the imprisonment of various boat props by the Dutchess.
Sorry if I missed anyone, I do sometimes. See you next week for a bit more wind I hope. Phill

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