Ladies, Youth & Newcomers 2016

Full weekend at HSC starting with the Ladies,Youth and Improvers on Saturday. This was held in a patchy northerly, with some sprightly bits, which challenged the duty team in course setting. Participants were Sophie helming Jane, Ben helming Dad, Sarah helming Claude and Brian with Jane all in Enterprises. Noah with Max in a GP, Ellen in a Solo,and the Hon Commodores partner helming him.

Three closely fought races were held with all acquitting themselves well. Sophie won the youth event coming from a long way behind in the last race having been OCS, Ben was second and Noah, the holder, third. Deidre won the Ladies, Ellen was second, Sophie was third and Sarah was fourth. Brian won the improvers convincingly to acclaim.

A very enjoyable day followed by a superb BBQ by David and family. Deidre was also very much in evidence.