GP14 Open 2016

GP14 Open 2016 – Main picture gallery at end of report.
Sunday16 October was the GP14 Open at HSC. It was a nice sunny day which started cool but as the day went on tee shirts broke out. Whilst there was a strong southerly breeze, as is often the case, much of it went over the top with only the occasional crew up situation and this mostly off the club. A course was set by Rob up river within sight and also down river to an I mark off Garricks Temple.

Visiting GP14's

Visiting GP14’s

With seven locals and two visitors battle commenced with a spot on start by visitor Ian Dobson, crewed by Emma Marshall. He soon established a considerable lead and with the expert use of his black spinnaker and polished technique he won the first race with ease.

After a scrumptious lunch by Deidre and Daughter Suzannah the second race started with a few over. Local boy Kevin and crew Sue in the oldest boat in the fleet made their move and countered the Black Pearl (well it was all black, blond hair and sails apart). With careful loose cover they maintained their narrow lead to win by a nail biting boats length to much acclaim. Always lurking though was that multi annual visitor Scooby Doo who also had a kite.
The third race saw a crowded and competitive start mainly near the Surrey bank. Kevin anxious to get a flyer was just over and had to return leaving him too much to do. The Black Pearl got pushed well over to the unfavoured Middlesex bank and Charles and Livvy were round the windward mark first. The breeze had now veered a bit, slightly freshened and the spinnaker of Scooby brought him quickly to the front where he stayed for nearly the whole seven laps. But Ian and Emma were well up for the chase and gradually worked their way through the fleet making for an exciting race. On the penultimate lap by clever tacking they got past Scooby to win and scoop the tray.
This is how it ended.1st Ian and Emma, 2nd James Ward/ Richard Whitehill Papercourt, 3rd Kevin and Sue Morley, 4th Charles/ Annie/Livvy, 5th Derek and Mary, 6th John and Jane, 7th George/Chris/ Ellen, 8th Malkie and Jane N, 9th Stevie G and David Sammonds.
Indeed a chuckle filled day with those on duty and licky cake.
GP14 Open 2016: The Sailing Videos

GP14 Open 2016: The Sailing

GP14 Open 2016: The Awards