Sunbury Rally

Hooligan winds with slashing rain welcomed the few sailors attending our annual race ‘The Sunbury Rally’. With gusts of over 30 mph only one Enterprise, Jane’s (not with Jane) helmed by the Commodore, crewed by Me, Hywell and George, plucky Charles and girl friend (must get her name) John H and son James (what!) in Merlin’s and a GP with Keith and Claude.

The Ent set off with a smaller mainsail, often referred to in a very disrespectful way by the Aviator, and a fender on the masthead. Even with these aids the beat up was at times on the edge but with the ample distribution of our honoured Commodore all was well and the only water coming in was rain.

The GP executed some rather alarming manoeuvres at the start on which an editorial veil will be drawn!

John and James were done for by the Environment Agency Patrol Boat, who tried hard to do the same to us. In taking avoiding action they filled up and retired. However the three remaining made it to-

Cooper Castle, oft referred to as the wished for ‘ Rest Home For Retired Hampton Sailing Club Dinghy Sailors’. Here a sumptuous tea was enjoyed by the arrival of the HSC masses, oh and the rather damp sailors. The eventual custodian of the Rest Home was languishing on swinging chaise lounge with snoozing pup, the latter receiving far more attention than the intrepid sailors!

Our warm thanks go to Ellen and Nigel for hosting our race.

That was only Saturday. Sunday still blowing old boots and I was at Lensbury Enterprise Open with Timmy so I only know that four? Merlin’s and one Solo went out in the afternoon but the tea was good and the bar sold much wine.

See you next week for (hopefully) balmier breezes.


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