Sailing Instructions for 21 June 2020

Sailing Instructions for 21 June 2020

1. These Sailing Instructions supplement the Sailing Instructions 2020. In the event of conflict, these Sailing Instructions prevail.

2. There will be a reduced duty team of a Duty Officer, an Assistant Duty Officer and one timekeeper.

3. There shall be a series of no more than six races with start times at 30-minute intervals. The first start will be no earlier than 11.30am.

4. Each race will be sailed between no more than two boats unless all boats in the race are single-handers, in which case there will be no more than three boats sailing.

5. Subject to the discretion of the Duty Officer, each race will consist of no more than three laps. All races will be sailed over a course, the upstream and downstream marks of which are within sight of the club house.

6. Buoyancy aids are compulsory. Flag Y will be deemed to be flying.

7. All competitors must inform the Commodore by e-mail to of their intention to sail, the name and number of their dinghy and the name of their crew, if any, by no later than 12pm on Saturday, 20 June 2020. The Commodore will allocate competitors to each race and his decision will be final. The Commodore will publish the order of racing by no later than 8pm on Saturday, 20 June 2020.

8. Boats racing on 21 June 2020 will receive a result for their individual race and an overall result taking into account the results of the other boats racing on the day. All racing will be on a handicap basis but the Commodore will endeavour where possible to organise the racing so that boats from the same class race against each other.

9. All competitors must obey current social distancing guidelines on and off the water.

10. The club house remains closed except for access to the gents and ladies’ toilets. Please be aware that there will be a one-way system for access to the ladies’ toilets using the main and balcony doors to the club house.

11. There will be hand sanitiser provided in the changing rooms and on the chain ferry. Anyone winding the chain ferry should use hand sanitiser before and after winding.

12. Competitors should consider for themselves whether to bring and wear masks and/or gloves.

Dated 16 June 2020