Updated Sailing Instructions 20/09/2020


The following sailing instructions supplement and amend the current Sailing Instructions printed in the Club’s programme and apply to sailing at Hampton Sailing Club with effect from 20 September 2020. These updated instructions take into account the ‘Rule of Six’, which came into effect on 14 September 2020.

1. The overriding principle remains that individuals attending at the Club to sail do so entirely at their own risk and responsibility. In particular, while current RYA Guidance and the Club permit individuals from different households to sail together, it is a matter for the individuals concerned to decide whether they wish to sail together and what measures they consider appropriate so as to be able to do so safely and with regard to the requirements of social distancing.

Amended Start Times

2. Start times for the frostbite series will be as follows:

11:30am  Merlin Rockets

11:45am Enterprises

12:00am Handicap

12:15am GP14

Social Distancing

4. Anyone coming to the Club is expected to comply with the government’s current guidance on social distancing. Please bring a mask and use it if appropriate.

Rule of Six

5. Sailors do not have to comply with the ‘Rule of Six’ while preparing to sail, sailing and putting their boat away. Sailors should, however, comply with current government

guidance on social distancing. In particular if assisting other members to launch or recover boats using the slipway, please keep a safe distance from each other.

6. Sailors must comply with the ‘Rule of Six’ when they are not preparing to sail, sailing or putting their boats away.

7. Spectators are required to comply with the ‘Rule of Six’ at all times while they are at the Club.

8. For the purposes of paragraphs 6 and 7 above, spectators and sailors are asked to form their own groups of six and should not mingle with other groups of six.

9. For the purposes of ordering drinks from the bar, each group of six should nominate one person to order and collect drinks. Only one person should be at the bar at any time.

10. The Duty Team do not have to comply with the ‘Rule of Six’ while they are on duty but it is suggested that the Duty Team and anyone assisting with the bar form a group of six while at the Club in any event.

Track & Trace

11. We now have the NHS track and trace QR code up at the club, if you have the NHS App on your phone just switch on the camera and point at the bar code. If not the Club has a Track & Tracer Ledger, which will be kept in the Clubhouse. The Duty Officer is responsible on Sundays for recording the names of all members present on Club premises and the name and phone number of any visitor. Any member visiting the Club on other days is responsible for signing the ledger.

Signing off

12. There will be no declaration forms and it will not be necessary to sign off at the end of each race. Sailors are responsible for informing the Duty Team if they retire.

Club house and Changing Rooms

13. The changing rooms are closed except for access to the toilets and in the event of capsize. Sailors should arrive at the Club changed for sailing. Where people do need to use the changing rooms, it is on the basis that there should be no more than one individual in a changing room at any time unless from the same household.

14. The Club will continue to provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray, so please use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the club house and changing rooms. Please spray and wipe down surfaces you have touched.

15. The kitchen remains closed and we will not be offering catering at the Club. So please bring your own food and refreshments if you want to eat tea or lunch at the club. Whenever possible, please sit outside rather than in the clubhouse.

16. The bar in the clubhouse remains closed. However, there will be a limited outside bar facility available after sailing. Payment will be by card only.

Patrol Boats

17. Where possible, one person from the duty team should be responsible for driving the patrol boat(s). Any one on board a patrol boat assisting with a capsize, should wear a mask if recovering anyone from the water.

Duty Teams

18. The duty rota as set out in the programme will apply so far as possible for duty officers, assistant duty officers and timekeepers (we will need at least one timekeeper for each Sunday). However, any member who does not yet wish to return to the Club should inform Nigel & Ellen by e-mail at HSCCoopers@gmail.com. Caterers and Bar Officers are currently released from their duties but if anyone would be willing to assist with other duties, they should also please inform Nigel and Ellen.