Sail Chat: 16.12.2018

Dire warnings of weather came to rather a light southerly on Sunday 16th December with a taste of sun and then chilly grey skies. Derek and Peter of the island were race team, Derek set a course which did give a short beat across the river and then it was a sort of fetch there and back.
In the GP’s were John with a snuffly Ian, George with Sue, Commodore and Vice in Red Rampage, who led the fleet in spite of logistics and Keith with Stevie G and micro bar. There were some retirements and I think George won but John had the series by one point.
In the Merlin fleet were Hywell with Cadet Ben, John and Deirdre and Stuart with Nicola. I think there was a retirement in that fleet too but I was too busy watching a jib. John had this series by a considerable margin.
No Handicappers out but in the Enterprise fleet were Christopher with Brian, Sophie with me and the Aviator with Amelia. Sophie had a super start right on the line with the Flyer on her transom, I will not mention the other boat’s start! Slightly over eager at the first mark the Flyer was obliged to perform circles and then got stuck on I mark, this did not please him and as he was anxious not to miss the festive, loud singing, he retired. Sophie had a lead of nearly a leg but with a very opportune puff, on the third lap, Christopher/Brian sped up, slid past, round the E mark and could not be caught, winning the series.
Splendid fare from Rein-dears and flap-less barring from Peter OTI. Roger conducted, Hillary played the keys and seasonal songs were sung. The three kings were the Commodore (tenor), Vice (mezzo tenor) Rear’s Consort (bass rap).
 Only the RNLI race to go on Boxing Day. Don’t forget your cold turkey?
Very best festive wishes to you all from me.

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