Sail Chat: Long Distance 22.09 & GP Open 23.09.2018

This last weekend of sailing was very wet and wet in more ways than one! Saturday was a rather slim line attendance for the ‘Long Distance Race’. A difficult decision faced the race team of Ian and Peter because of incessant rain and a light wind. They wisely went for a long mark up river and a long low one down, with laps. Only two thankfully.

The intrepid takers were Hywell and Lucy in a Merlin, Kevin and Maddie GP, John and Claude GP, Sophie and Jane Enterprise, David Solo and me with a very welcome Ali, who jumped in at the last moment and who was catering. Thank you Ali super crewing with a just reward. All sailors were soaked as it rained for the whole race.

Afterwards we were all treated to a delicious and healthy B.Y.O. Mediterranean supper served by Deidre, Ali and Maddie. Kevin said something but I can’t remember it.

Winners: Derek May & John Hollands

Sunday was the GP Open and Derek has already put a report up. I will only add that, to the delight of us all, Derek won it with John Hollands crewing. This is the first time he has won our GP Open and he is a very worthy and honest winner. Mack was on duty with the Leviticus spokesman. They both had much in common – they got very wet!



Some of us got wet from below and above but it was fun. Given the number of infringements that were challenged and seen by me I only saw one visitor do turns. Perhaps the word ‘protest’ has been forgotten or could it be due to a mixed crewing fleet!

See you next Sunday when its back to normal, if you could ever call HSC normal.


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