Sail Chat: HSC Regatta 25/26 June 2022

Sun and plenty of wind for our regatta with the wind guru prediction spot on. On Saturday from the south with some chunky gusts it provided us with some challenging conditions. The first two races provided those who enjoy a blow the opportunity to show their heels to the others in their fleets. Revelling in these winds were Chris and Ra (Enterprise), Kevin and Maddie (GP), John and Sue (GP), Simon (Laser Handicap) and John with Livvy (Merlin). 
Our evening event was HSC in Las Vegas, after a delicious meal from our excellent caterers, which the Hon Sailing Sec informed me was ‘Fusion’. Then we gambled our chips away losing to our shark like croupier, card sharps and horse dopers. Medallion man Brian was the G.M.
Sunday had the wind veering more to the south west and increasing considerably at times. This was reflected in some capsizes by no less than some Merlin’s, no names but two young ladies were dipped far too often by their helms. Once again the heavy weather sailors came into their own but didn’t have it all their own way and were often challenged. 
I do not need to name the worthy winners because their pictures are shown on our whatsap, taken expertly by Deirdre. At the presentation the Commodore, in her usual relaxed way, thanked the many who made the regatta such a success. You may wonder why I appear in all of these photo’s? It is unfortunate that our respected Hon Sailing Sec took a large blow to the head whilst racing his Solo, was deemed by our resident MD to be concussed and sent home. The Commodore nominated me but I am afraid my eccentric public speaking does not exist. I hasten to add that I do not covet this position! 
Finally I would like to thank my Junior crew Elize who put up with quite severe conditions and frequent calls of pull the jib in and the slightly more senior one (Ellen) who did the last two races with me.

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