Sail Chat: GP14 Open 2018

GP14 Open Meeting 23rd September 2018

The forecast in the week had been for 50 m.p.h. winds with heavy persistent wind all day, in the event we got the rain in the morning, as expected, but fortunately the wind, whilst a difficult northerly, was a reasonable 8 – 10 m.p.h. with the occasional strong gust which did catch out some of our sailors.

So all who took part are to be congratulated, especially our three visitors, who made the very soggy journey to join our six Hampton boats taking part. The visitors came from Papercourt, Welsh Harp and Tollesbury Sailing Clubs.

The first race saw Hywel Perkins crewed by John Heath take an early, but closely contested, lead from Kevin and Maddy Anderson with George Bell crewed by Phillip Chambers in close contention. Kevin passed Hywel on the second lap and held onto this lead to the finish. George coming a not to distant third.


Race 2 had John Bell crewed by James Warren lead at the start closely followed by Hywel until a capsize by Hywel at the top mark allowed Derek May crewed by John Hollands through. John Bell and Derek had a close race for the next four laps with Derek finally coming out on top.

The final and deciding race had Derek take the lead just after the first mark, Hywel having parted company with his boat and Derek was to hold this position throughout the race.

Kevin, now crewed by Annie Ridley, had a good scrap with John Bell with John just getting the advantage over Kevin at the end.

Rob Heath, our duty officer made the best of the difficult wind with a simple E to I course and two back to back races in the afternoon  by which time the sun was shining and helped dry out some of the soggy racers.

The usual excellent lunch and lovely sandwiches and cake for tea.

Thanks to all the duty team, caterers, time keepers, bar officers and all who assisted on the day.

Results were as follows:

Winners: Derek May & John Hollands

1st      Derek May and John Hollands      Hampton Sailing Club

2nd     Kevin and Maddie Anderson        Hampton Sailing Club

3rd     John Bell and James Warren       Hampton Sailing Club

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