Sail Chat: Enterprise Open 2018

With a warm, gusty south, south westerly, 13 boats registered to race – two visitors and the rest our local fleet.

Race Officer and stalwart Merlin sailor Richard Page set a figure of eight course to take account of the wind as the river runs west to east.  Unfortunately, due to a technical error on the course the race had to be abandoned.  After a tasty lunch It was therefore agreed to run two races back to back, have a short break and then the final race.

Race one had a clean and frisky start with visitors David Beaney and Hannah Liptrot finding the front closely followed by Martin Davis and Rebecca Bradley and then Ian Peerless with Andrew, followed by the rest of the Hampton boats and this is how it finished.

Race two saw David and Hannah have a moderate start and Martin with Rebecca shot into a good lead never to be caught.  So, first Martin, second David and third Phill Chambers with Alexandra Parker.

After a short break and welcome cuppa, race three produced a very close contest at the front between David and Martin again followed by the Hampton brigade.  David/Hannah won, Martin/Rebecca 2nd and Phill/Ra 3rd.

The course and wind produced some close quarters racing, considerable physical effort and excitement.  Notable were the young people sailing; Sophie, Ben, Alice, James, Luke, Aimee and, by far the smallest and youngest, Elsa. Link to Gallery

Catering by Nicky and Gina with cakes that were scrumptious, good timing by Hilary and Sue and excellent support for the race officer and meticulous bar work by James.

Vice Commodore, Nigel Cooper, made a nice speech and his partner Ellen presented the prizes.

HSC Open – 1st David and Hannah Wembley S.C., 2nd Martin and Rebecca Rugby and Daventry S.C., 3rd Philip and Alexandra Hampton S.C.

Thames Valley River Series Final Trophy – David Beaney and Crew

Ladies Cup – Jane Chambers and Sophie Peerless

Youth Trophy – Sophie Peerless

Silver Division Cup – Chris Rowsell (to be presented)

Various treats were awarded to the young sailors

Full list of participants; 4th Ian Peerless and Andrew, 5th Jane Chambers and Sophie Peerless, 6th Andy, Aimee and Elsa Dalby, 7th Christopher Parker and Brian Tweedie-Smith, 8th Ben Sharp and Claude Wheeler, 9th Ellen Cooper and Graham, Equal 10th Duncan and Alice Macpherson and Stuart and Larysa Wright, Equal 12th John Hollands and Lucy and Richard, James and Luke Cass. All from Hampton S.C.


Philip Chambers

Enterprise Fleet Captain

Hampton Sailing Club

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