Sail Chat: Enterprise Open 17.09.2017

After the mighty winds of the previous week our Open was sailed in a very light northerly. This is the worst wind direction for the Hampton reach of the river Thames as it runs east to west.

Our race team of Simon Girven and Ben Harridge made the best of the breeze available with a triangle course, in the widest part, with a reaching start down river to a mark off Garricks Ait and a short beat across the river towards Bell Hill, where the wind nearly died. Then there was another reach up river to a mark off the Water Board.

17 boats took part with visitors from Minima, Lensbury, Wembley, South Bank and even the Midlands with eleven Hampton boats.

The first race turned into a frontal tussle between Martin Davis and Rebecca Bradley (Midlands) and Phill Chambers and Alexandra Parker (Hampton). Phill managing to get by Martin at the upriver mark on lap two of seven, when Martin stalled and Phill got a puff. 1st Race: 1. Phill and Alexandra (Hampton), 2. Martin and Rebecca (Midlands), 3. John Hollands and Claude Wheeler (Hampton).

In the second race Phill/Alexandra managed to get to the windward mark first and were never again headed. 1. Phill/Alexandra, 2. Martin/Rebecca, 3. John Heath and Angela Penwarden (Hampton).

The third race was more of a mix and finished with a downpour. 1. David Beaney and Alison White, 2.John Hollands and Claude, 3. John Heath and Ben Peerless.

Prizes: The South East River Series Trophy (3 firsts) David and Alison. Hampton Enterprise Open 1st Phill and Alexandra, 2nd Martin and Rebecca, 3rd David and Alison. Youth Cup went to Sophie Peerless and Ladies Bowl to Jane Chambers. Youth taking part were all awarded; Timmy Parker, Sophie Peerless and Ben Peerless.

The excellent caterers, timekeepers, barman and duty team were thanked by Angela Penwarden.

Full runners and riders; 4th John Hollands/Claude Wheeler, 5th John
Heath/Angela Penwarden/Ben Peerless, 6th Alex Cane/David Cane, 7th Ian and Suzie Peerless, 8th Jane Chambers/Sophie Peerless, 9th Chris Rowsell/Teresa Burton, 10th Richard Shillits/Diane Keighley, 11th Ben Sharp/Jane Nottage, 12th David Gettings/Ben Peerless, 13th Alan Munroe-Faure/Stephanie Tollemache, 14th Timmy Parker/Michaela Parker, 15th Duncan and Annie Macpherson, 16th Richard and Eva Cass, 17th Howard Phillips.

Philip Chambers Enterprise Fleet Captain Hampton Sailing Club.

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