Sail Chat: Crews, Cadets and Improvers Regatta

Saturday 30th September was the Cadets, Crews and Improvers Regatta at HSC, with an extra bonus of competition for the Ladies Cup, presented at the Dinner and Dance.
Sprightly breezes from the south south west greeted us with from 12 to 15 mph strength. It was encouraging that all the helms were young women, Olivia Bell was crewed by Dad, John, in a Merlin, Sophie Peerless was crewed by Jane in an Enterprise, Lucy Penwarden was crewed by Trevor in a GP14, Sarah Jenkins was crewed by husband John and then Deirdre and Suzie Peerless was crewed by Ian.
The race team set a course up-river to E near the culvert and down-river to I off the Church Lawn but not to close to the dreaded weed.
The first race was the most demanding as it was the windiest and produced a few anxious moments on the balcony but all coped very well in one way or another. Sarah had a cracking start but eventually the Merlin stretched away with its spinnaker up, a fine helm and relatively competent crew! There were no capsizes and all returned safely for lunch.
Races two and three were sailed in the afternoon with a short break in between. The wind had subsided somewhat but there were ocassional puffs and no incidents all sailing in a well mannered and polite fashion, unfortunately not always the case with the male of the sailing species!
1st overall was Olivia winning the crew prize and coveted Ladies Cup, keeping it in the family. 1st Cadet was Sophie also 2nd Lady and 2nd Crew, 3rd was Lucy who was 3rd overall and 3rd Lady/Crew, Lucy was press-ganged into helming but certainly came up with the goods. 4th was Sarah also 4th Lady/Crew, 5th overall was Suzie and 5th Lady/Crew.
Prizes were presented by the Sailing Secretary of the People along with certain wry comments and photographs were taken.
Thanks to my ever alert race team of David and Peter. The Timekeepers/Race Box was alive with intelligent chat and scrupulous recording with Nicki and Hillary. Application only being interrupted by the Fiddler on the Roof fixing the wind speed indicator. Thanks Derek now we know when its blowing hard.
The day ended with a magnificent BBQ by Keith and George assisted by a number of others whose names I will not mention in case I leave someone out.

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