Sail Chat and BBQ: 23.08.2020

Sunday 23rd proffered a sparkling and breezy day, captured beautifully in Deirdre’s photos. The wind was forecast at about 12mph from the west but it backed marginally and built to over 15 mph at times and made for exciting and physical sailing. Nice long course up and down with a heart in mouth gybe at I mark.
Duty Team were some family Bell, with John and Livy race team and Deirdre, generously taking my place, as timekeeper. With our new start times the Merlins set off at 1300 with Stuart and Nicky, Hywell and mighty Flynn (dressed to kill in Paris St Germain football kit) and Simon with Claude. Exciting, close race with Simon’s spinnaker jamming, Stuarts flying and Hywell not using. 


Out at 1330 were the Enterprises with a really welcome return of Duncan and Annie, Ian with Sophie and me with Jane. Again a very close race throughout and Ian, after a terrific recovery and penalty on the I mark gybe, had it by half a boat’s length.

The Handicap fleet, at 1400, had a welcome visitation of Martin Evans in his Lightning single hander along with Nigel, Solo and Ben Laser who, what surprise, had a capsize.
Finally the Gentry were out, at 1430, in their GP’s with a return of Kevin, all in red in Red Rampage, which was ready near the slip at 1000. He un-gallantly ditched Maddie for winning crew Sophie and just made the start, another two timer was Claude who crewed John. Mary smilingly benign was faithful with Derek and appeared unruffled by the strong winds. Keith was out with Susan, who has made a welcome return to crewing with probably one of our more unorthodox helms!  


Two sparkling new pieces of equipment at the club: a beautifully, luminous, greengage electric bike for Maddie and Kevin, ideal for the hilly terrain of Hampton and Sunbury and a stunning, sparkling new gas BBQ, HSC enjoys the suburban dream kit!   Our faithful half tin barrel is consigned to a grassy grave, long may the newbie  stay so shiny and dent-less Hmm! The new acquisition, not the bike, came in for a superb BBQ Al Fresco distancing. 

See you next week for more fun. Phill

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