Sail Chat: 31.01.2021

Our first Frostbite came in like a Lion! With pelting, horizontal rain and a F6, at least, blowing. The extra hour gave us all time to ponder and realise at least we had to attend to eat the sausages and tie boats down. But at about 11am the skies cleared and even the sun came out and the wind moderated slightly but still howled through the rigging. Ideal duty team for the day, expert boat handler John Heath and the daring Tom Perkins.
At 1130 two GP’s ventured out John with Sue and Keith with the aviator, whose skills in the skies must have come in useful. The wind was from the SSW and alternated  between 14 to over 25 mph and sometimes gusted more, the meter in the club registered one at 38mph. John and Sue capsized twice and ended up on the lee shore outside the flats. It really was a matter of where you were when the gusts hit and the graveyard was the usual arbiter. However the combined weight of the honey man and the hack prevailed.
No question about Hywell’s intention to sail it was made in the earlier hours and his crew Nicola never christened her new dry suit. Spinnaker up but no competition for this lone Merlin. Nigel’s went out but by its-self!
Cracking contest between Nigel in the Solo and Ben in the Laser as they raced tack for tack revelling in the conditions. Ben did not even capsize and I think he got line honours.
Only two Ents out both with reduced rig which turned out to be a wise choice. Phill with Richard Cass and Ian with Paul. Unfortunately half way through the race near the leeward mark Paul got the dangly pole stuck up his jumper and buoyancy aid, could not move quick enough and they went over. Ian sailed and drifted down the cut but in the lee of the island could not get enough power to empty the boat but still managed to cross the line. Llew (5) remarked it’s ok Dad jumps off the boat all the time then resumed the Lego. Thanks to my burly crew’s athleticism we just about stayed upright.
Lovely sausages from Rob and George, Unflappable John on the Bar, Susan and Chris in the Box. Exciting enjoyable sail.
Good to have a visit from Annie and Duncan. Not quite ready for sailing but next year hopefully.   
Photographs (herewith I think) by Stuart Wright.
Sorry if anyone missed out. Phill

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