Sail Chat: 30.09.2018

As the glorious month of September came to a close on Sunday 30th we had a chilly and light north westerly with the usual situation of little or no wind upstream but some off Bell Hill.
Hon SSOTP set a short E to a deep I opposite Garricks Temple. This E mark was moved during the race to a very short F with a kerchief attached of the appropriate flag, by Hywell the Race Officer, much to be appreciated by the racers.
We had Simon and Claude in the Merlin, Solo’s with Nigel and David, Brian Lasering, Maureen and Sue in their GP and Ra with me. The GP had to retire with a main sheet malfunction, the Merlin did a horizon job and the Solo’s, Laser and Enterprise did battle at the back. It was a nice but frustrating wind at times but it is never friends from the north (wind) sailing at HSC!
Jolly lunch with some bar banter and the arrival of more sailors and those held up by the road works in Thames Street (again). 
In the mix apres midi were the formidable team of Mary and Derek, John with Sue and George with his regular crew who does not allow capsize, all in GP’s. Merlins produced John with dutiful daughter Livy and Simon with, no doubt, an equally dutiful Claude!
No Handicaps today,  Ben has gone away (Herman’s Hermits). But a return of the mountain goats was welcomed in Tirpitz in the Enterprise Fleet along with Jane and Lucy, Chris and Brian and me with Ra. The race team had put in a course with a loop down river, in the wind. All the fleets went round it and it worked. Chilly sailing but fun I thought. Not many shorts on view now – just Graham.
Nice licky tea with Jane Perkins holding court with Sophie and the other girls. The boys talked cars motor bikes and the Golden Globe (Col is back), the Geeps drank wine (as usual), Maddie and Ali did PR for the Dinner and Dance and there was a very welcome visit by the the Rear Commodore.
See you next week Phill 

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