Sail Chat: 30.08.2020

Sunday 30th August gave us a chilly breeze, bolt-like from the north which blew nicely off Bell Hill and was enough to cover much of the Surrey half of the up river. Keith and Graham (chipper with 5 hours sleep) our duty team, set a D mark up river and a dog leg at H, in the wind and a I not in the wind, probably Keith’s choice not Graham’s.
Time was generously provided by Jo and Rob. Good show by the Merlin Rockets with Simon/Claude, Hywell and Flynn, Andrew with Ellie and John/Deirdre. The light airs suited Simon and Claude who won convincingly.
Only two Enterprises with Ellen and Nigel (folded neatly into the front bit) and me with Jane (likewise). Quite nice sailing really but the I mark was a devil! We had the honour of the Hon. Sailing Sec. and Honey, joining us in the lone Comet. 
Two GP’s out, Derek and Mary on their umpteenth wedding anniversary (there is commitment to the club) and John with Ali.
After the racing BBQ mark 2 was held al fresco, with suitable distancing, viewed by the air ambulance which made a pass over us. Delicious meats and salads were provided along with lashings of hard work from many and the happy celebrants had red roses, a white table cloth, fizz and waitress service from the Commodore (ess). The brand new BBQ gave the chefs a bit of a fright but the meat was perfect. Our end of the feast was entertained by the double act of Honey and Grandad, who indulged in a bit of involuntary body painting. It really was a great effort by all concerned and showed our determination, responsibly, not to let this situation get HSC down.
See you next week. Phill

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