Sail Chat: 30.07.2017

‘Cycle mass hits Surrey and the Claygate peleton races to HSC’. With barriers everywhere extreme innovation was shown by members coming to sail boat races at HSC on Sunday 30th July. The Treasurer and Chris stayed overnight in Oleata, the race officer arrived at 0300 and some had to walk.
With an unsettled weather pattern over the UK bringing gusty winds and rain, a streaky south westerly blew down river for the morning handicap.
Not put off by these challenges we had a really good turn out of Commodore/Toby (Merlin), welcome return of Mathew from Oz with Mum, Chris also with Mama, Brian and Claude, Ellen/Jane and me with Ra in Enterprises, George with Chris (GP) and David HSSOTP Solo; the Master rigged and retired to the balcony. Gusty, spirited start with a couple over and the Merlin, GP, Mathew and Chris (Ents) hitting the front. Tricky beat and at times thrilling run and even some rain but the wind died two thirds through the race stilling the GP and mixing up the handicap. Worthy winner the man from down-under, who has not lost his touch or his hair and Debs.
The gravelly laugh of the ‘meet and greet’ barman entertained us at lunch time as he mused on his use value!
In the afternoon a gracious race officer offered us our course of choice and we set off with a reasonably moderate wind. The lone Merlin again with the same crew, in the Enterprises we had Stuart with a young visitor, Jane now crewing Mathew, Chris/Michaela, Ra with me, Brian and Claude and Ellen cruising with prospective new members.
In the GP’s George and Chris were joined by John with Ali, Derek and Mary, Kevin and Maddie plus weed, Keith and David S. The Handicap class had the Solo’s of David and Nigel dueling it out.
The wind built as the race progressed and was shown on guru with gusts of 15 to 20 mph. So Ra and I swapped and Stuart retired. The beats at times were uncomfortable but the runs thrilling with sun and glittering water. Isadora’s crew behaved and they reaped the reward as did John and Ali.
Delicious home made tea by Ellen assisted by Anastasia. Anna Jenkins gets my ‘Grit’ award (of no value) for driving 60 miles and taking two train journeys to come for tea.
No sign of Goodwin Air?
See you next week and there is an improvers session on Saturday if anyone wants to help me out?

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