Sail Chat: 30.06.2019

Sunday 30th June brought a warm west south west wind of about 12 mph which gave for most enjoyable sailing. Considerable number of learners out practising and I should mention James and Philip who are progressing well in our training GP’s. I must confess I am not sure who raced in the morning handicap as I was GP fiddling but I was delighted to see  Peter out in his Comet, Ellen powering away in her Enterprise with Tracy, Jane with various visitors and many young on Toppers.  
It would be remiss not to mention our race team of Richard and Colin who set a good, long windward leeward course which really suited the condition and kept the race course clear for learners. The Aviator spent much time shadowing a rather unstable Topper crewed by children. Time spent by John and Alexandra rigging the Merlin was rewarded by some spinnaker runs in a practice for Salcombe next week. With all that fiddling I am expecting great things!
In the afternoon this scribbler had more of a handle of the races sitting on the balcony with a mixture of envy, agony and humour as the race officer commentated and put our Ent. flag upside down. In the Enterprises were Jane with ace Ali, Ellen with Tracy and Stuart with Amber. Bit of a clonk on the start line, no turns and hopefully no damage and no comment! 
Out in the GP’s we had Keith with Susan le Gant and Derek with Mary la Joyeux. Derek a bit off the pace or Keith excelling?
Best show in the Handicap fleet with the Merlin of Simon and Claude joining in with David (Solo), Roger (Laser) and Peter (Comet). Sparkling conditions with Prosecco conditions as shown in the pics by Richard Cass. David in the wars again as he took a dip but looked the fashion icon he has become, down to the yellow gloves!
The Race Officer was found indisposed with majority of his family in the orange boat half way to the lock – thanks to mobile phones and alert wife they were recovered. The cakes were ‘classic’ from Lucy Cooper and Anna Jenkins, Time by Karen and Alison and Bar by Alan. Usual jocularity from our Commodore in making no announcements and then leading singing happy birthday to Susan LG. Momentous occasion – Maureen and Sue’s boat returned to the island!
Next week we will be a bit empty as a large number of our members go west to Salcombe. Sooo help swell us a bit by coming along. Hoping to sail and make tea with Jane.
Thank you Richard for the photographs

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