Sail Chat: 30.04.2017

Lively east south easterly in the morning on Sunday 30th April. A tanned Richard came out with Hampton’s answer to Hollywood, James, and they flew the spinnaker mightily, lapping all. Other contenders were David in his Solo, Topper, Bim Bom with Ben and me with Ra and reduced rig. It was a hard on the wind sail to I, a quick and exciting gybe to run up river to D mark, one tack carrying you all the way.

In the afternoon the wind veered considerably to the south making for one starboard tack, with a shunt (well known sailing term) to I and one port tack all the way up river to D or E. Andrew and Ellie were heaven sent to join Richard and James in Merlins and the GP’s had Kevin with Trevor and Keith with the Master crewing. Only one Enterprise out! And I praised you all last week too!

Therefore Ra and I joined the Solo’s of Nigel and David and the Topper with Ben in the handicap fleet and we had a really close and demanding race.

We welcomed back various members from exotic places where they had sailed motored, laboured or sunbathed according to conditions, including our respected Commodore and Consort but we do not mention that four letter word.

Excellent race management and bar from Ian, Graham, Sophie, Di and Rosemary and fine tea from Angela and Susie.

Next Saturday Sunbury Rally to Cooper Castle at 1400, Brains Trust in the evening and usual sailing Sunday.


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