Sail Chat: 29.10.2017

Sunday 29th October was the first day of winter and we, mostly, got an extra hour in bed. Exceptions being some of the duty team who got little or none at all. Expecting a low turn out due to the vintage car rally to Ypres we were surprised by a good showing, except for our Enterprises.

The weather was bright but chilly with a 8 to 12 mph from the north with just a hint of east in it to make it bearable. There were a few gusts too; one of which up-ended our respected sailing secretary. As the race progressed the wind shifted more to the east giving a better beat down river but sailing remained best on the Surrey side of the river.

Regardless of sleep deprivation Race Officer Philip and ARO Duncan were well up on the conditions and did their best to give us a beat.

The Merlins came out with Livvy driving Dad, Richard with James and Stuart with Lucy (astonished at the early arrival of her helm).

Only two Ents. out – Howard with brother in law and me with Jane (in such harmony!).

Cannot be any old cars in the GP fleet as they arrived in healthy numbers. George and Chris, storming away, Trevor and Alison, Malcolm (yes a very welcome return in his gleaming boat) with Alan, Derek and Mary and Keith with Susan keeping dry.

The handicap fleet welcomed Hywell the younger and Brian in Lasers, David in his Solo and Tom out in the Mirror with his youngest.

The usual tasty traditional fare supplied by Nicky and team. Charming scene as our resident Doc. fed a very eager infant a rather mature tangerine, peel preferred!

See you next week – don’t forget our Ent AGM is on Sunday 19th November after sailing. Any items for the agenda? Please send?


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