Sail Chat: 29.05.2022

Frisky and chilly northerly on Sunday with the occasional bit of east in it. Stuart Jenkins and Graham Penwarden on duty. To get the best of the wind a course was set predominantly in the wind off Bell Hill with a close F up river. Due the the easterly bit we started downhill with an I to port an H off Bell Hill to port and a H to starboard off the Surrey bank. The F mark caused some consternation as some were not as sharp eyed as my crew who noticed the green bit next to the F on the course board. Unfortunately the Hon Sailing Sec. (Solo) and the acting Commodore (Brian) went round the red way allowing us (Enterprise) back into the lead and a premature retirement by David. Out then were the above along with James Bay (Comet) and the cheerful yellow Mirror with Paul and Llew. Time was by Maureen, Margaret and Angela with thanks. Nice race, challenging at times, as a northerly will be and right on the hour.
The afternoon brought a really good turn out of the GP fleet, George and Chris, Derek and Mary, John and Alison, Trevor and Sue and Keith with a visitor Oliver. The blustery conditions suited George/Chris and they stormed to victory. Two Enterprises out with a welcome return of Chris with Bronte and me with Jane. We joined the Handicap start of Brian (Comet), James Bay (Comet), James Peel (Comet) and Paul with visitor Tegan in the Mirror. The wind had veered somewhat and at times there were some freaky gusts but it gave for a better beat down river. The I mark was for all and it proved the arbiter of the race as did the fetch to H off Bell Hill. Brian, to his surprise, held sway in the Handicap fleet and the windier conditions suited Chris as he sailed away to a comfortable win as I overstood the first H mark.
Elise out in her Topper sailing the under 13 race. We also had a good show of visitors with juniors thanks to Paul and some went sailing.
Nice tea provided by Nicola and Suzi with an incredibly rich and fluid cake by Tom! Bar by the unflappable John. Brian made a speech about next week’s happenings and led a chorus for some birthdays. Ian and Sophie raced in the Rivers event in Norfolk and John Bell and Nigel Cooper cycled all over the East End and Essex at 17.5 mph, the limit being 22. 
Caution – the crazies are back so lock your stand to your boat and don’t leave anything to climb on or of value outside. 
Thats it I think. Phill

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