Sail Chat: 28.08.2022

Brisk easterly with a touch of north in it was the recipe for us but cooler. Tim Herbert-Smith and Stuart Wright officiated and Rob Bunner was with Nicola in the Box. In the ideal, steady 9 to 12 breeze the following took to the water, Simon and Claude Merlin, Jane with young visitor Clemmie (who had never sailed before), Phill and Paul Enterprises, Harry in the Pico (well sailed Harry) and David Solo. Perfect conditions for the hours race.
In the afternoon class racing first off the Enterprises with a return of Chris with Ra, Ellen and Nigel, Ian with Suzie, Richard with Paul and me with Clemmie Good turn out fleet, augurs well for our open on the 11th September. 
In the GP fleet John and Ali, Derek and Mary and Keith (mostly on port) with Susan. In the Handicap fleet there was Claude, now on the Pico, Roger Laser, James Peel Comet and David on his Solo.
The wind had piped up and we had some exciting racing which was welcomed by the Merlins after the dire conditions of the week before. In the mix was Phil with Harry, John and Deirdre, Hywell with another minute crew Arthur and new team of John Heath with Debbie. Lots of place changing and bunches at marks but overall well ordered rule observance.
Cracking traditional tea, well worthy of Fortnums, perhaps better. Scones to cry for and other delights, by Emily and Jane.
Traditional post sailing swimming party of Ellen, Paul (hardy Dutch) me and Clemmie.
See you soon Phill

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