Sail Chat: 25.08.2019

Firstly I must apologise for no chat last week. I was fortunate in being on Shenanigan in the Solent where the sun shone every day – at times it blew really hard and the beer was tops. So no time for scribble. My thanks to Brian and first Mate Chris.

Sunday 25th was hot, hot, hot 33 degrees outside the starting box. This high brought a rather fickle little breeze from the south east. A short course was set I, off the Church Land and a low F opposite the willow tree with a rope which gives much pleasure to the local children.

Takers in the morning were Ellen with Jane Enterprise, David in his Solo, Brian Laser and Maureen with Sue GP14. As it was a training day team Bell were hard at work and Duncan was supervising young Topper sailors. The six laps pretty much coincided with the hour so no audible complaints, well not about the timing anyway! The river was the coolest place to be.

In the afternoon the wind still came and went as it does in hot weather but out went Sophie with Jane and Ian with Susie in Enterprises, The GP’s had a good show on with Derek and Sue, Suzie Bell with Tom and Duncan with Turin and Brendan, the latter peeled off later to cruise about and some of the ‘twiddled about’ according the Timekeepers! Who expertly kept just that, were Mary and Marilyn.

The Handicap fleet were a cheery bunch as Ben took the two Cass boys out in Peters Comet, David was out as was Brian, and Keith crewless in his GP, there was a brief showing of a large person on a small Topper.

The Merlin fleet were represented by Stuart and Claude.

Few people were seen out on those blown up paddle things too! Which reminds me the swimming was so ‘cool’.

Catering was by Christopher (yes no less) and Jane. Cakes of scrumptious persuasion were by Sophie, Ben, Michaela and sandwiches Jane and Chris. As ARO I would like to thank Claude for pristine pontoons.

The bar was manned by a soporific Alan and vaguely moi.

See you jolly sailors next week. Phill

PS to Merlin Sailors. Lymington Town SC have a very active Pilates club and the pub next door has happy hour from 1700 to 1900.

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