Sail Chat: 28.04.2019

The threatened gusts of 18 to 20 forecast for Sunday 28th April only emerged once. We had a cool north westerly of about 12 mph but that only blew mainly in the wide section of river off Bell Hill, which is its custom at Hampton. The Duty Team of Trevor and Michaela set an E to I course which was enjoyed by David in his Solo, Richard and Eva (welcome back, and you are a natural sailor Eva), Jane with Ellen, me with Claude all in Enterprises, Brian in Fencepost, Graham and Lucy in a GP as was John Hollands with some visitors as it was a well attended open day.
In the afternoon the courses were sensibly separated with the addition of an F mark and two I marks off the Church Land. First out the Enterprises had Sophie/Jane, Chris/Brian, Ian/Howard, Aviator/Graham and me with Lucy (great crewing Lucy). Close racing followed, places only changing at the often almost windless mark of I Middlesex or the intervention of very badly supervised junior eights. It was off Bell Hill that the wicked gust hit causing Chris and Brian a dunking (well only Brian really) and considerable wind dumping by others. 
In GP’s John with novice Tom showed a clean transom to Kevin/Maddie, Derek/Mary and Tom Perkins with the jolly crew of Arthur and Austin, who are a youthful tonic to an ageing fleet!
The Handicap fleet had David in his Solo, Ben in his  Laser and another jolly crew of Charlie, Sammy and Philip in the Mirror.
Two Merlins Stuart with Claude and Andrew with Ellie.    
Time was by Alison and Tim (off shore vet and rower), Very scrumptious tea with licky cakes by Chris Bell, Karen (in loco parentis) and Alexandra, although I missed out on the symmetrical masterpiece of Victoria sponge! 
Kevin made some announcements and we sang happy birthday to Liz and Ian. Derek took orders for HSC kit and Mary kept her top on!  Amelia, the Commodore, Maddie and other members of the Committee worked hard entertaining  the visitors and three members were signed up. 

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