Sail Chat: 26.11.2017

”Say hello wave goodbye” sang the enigmatic Marc Almond! That is what we did, with a mix of emotions, at Hampton SC on this last weekend. Hello to Kevin and Maddie taking over the considerable unpaid job of Commodore and Partner. Goodbye to our terrific Commodore John and partner Deirdre. Also a warm hello to our incoming Rear Commodore Michaela; another glass ceiling shatters at HSC!

‘Chat’ could not ignore the magnificent event that our Social Secretary, and others, organised at Hollywood in Shepperton Studios. Where we had an ‘amazing’ time. This adjective much used in ‘Strictly’ reminds me that I promised to view dancing prowess of the many of our members who view this show. Well! Craig would, I suggest, have been withering about all that shaking but, no doubt, Taylor would have loved it. Our youth certainly did. Fashions and colours of the fair sex were sensational but my choice for the most outstanding and topical garment goes to our own Daisy Gatsby – Amelia.

Now the sailing! Sunday gave us a sprightly westerly with a tinge of north in it and it was very chilly. Some of our revellers preferred to snuggle a-bed instead but Alex was there bright and early to do the honours. Out in the Merlins were Hywell and Lucy P, Charles and Annie, Stuart and John H, James with Ben and John with Mike.

In the Enterprises were Jane and Sophie, Ian and Brian and the Aviator with Phill, suffering wet feet in the Tirpitz.

The Senior Fleet of GP’s was much depleted, surely not an over indulgence? They did have the inexhaustible Mary with Derek and Keith with David S.

David, who managed the trophies admirably the night before, and Nigel Solo-ing with Hywell junior in ‘Ali’ the Laser. Sadly Nigel’s hull could not withstand his knee so he retired.

Really good, close racing which at times the sun blessed and the wind increased as the racing developed.

Then it was the AGM – but that’s for Angela to write.

See you next week. ‘Improver’ Phill.

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