Sail Chat: 26.11.2016

p1030504Saturday we had our spectacular dinner, prize giving and dance at the home of British Film where even Oscars were presented. The girls all looked sensational and the boys – well the usual!  Many stayed up to the small hours but some made a supreme effort and came sailing.
With a building easterly and a moderate stream against we had ideal sailing. Terrific turn out of Enterprises; Chris with Michaela, Ian and Ben, Colin with Amelia, Brian and Jane, Duncan with Annie and me back (yippee) with Ra. With a course I to B the fleet captain set off to a storming start and opened up a bit of a gap, swooped round D mark and when passing the clubhouse became aware that he was now last as the rest of the fleet progressed to B.
They then had a close battle and visiting student and Mum won from a challenging Ian and Ben. Lovely sail though made me realise how much I missed it.
The Geeps had Derek with Mary, John with Sophie and Keith with David S. In the Merlin fleet was Richard with his brother, Philip and young starlet Imogen, being filmed, and Andrew with an escapee from her Enterprise, Jane C.
The handicap class were represented by David (Solo) and the Master (Comet) they debated their course and apparently came to an agreement.
After we had the AGM where the Commodore was very witty, The Treasurer very balanced and Mary and Margaret were promoted to the Afterguard; the notice board awaits girls???,

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