Sail Chat: 26.07.2020

Sunday 26th brought us an ideal sailing day with sunshine, an approaching front, with a brisk south westerly wind which, at times, reached 20 mph. The course was a deep D upriver with an I mark off the lower end of our Church Land.
We started racing with some unusual mixtures of sailors and boats. At 1130 John Heath was in Nigel’s Solo and brother Rob in David’s. David was in a Comet with the winning Honey and Andrew was also in a Comet, definitely not Heaven Sent! They had a close race to the windward mark but David/Honey and John got away leaving the other two to work out the vagaries of their boats. Andrew went over at the gybe mark and had a bit of struggle getting back in the high floating Comet. Rob performed some spectacular tacks on a beat before flipping a considerable number of times, finding a cleated in main and fully battened sail a tumbling trouble.(good pics of these adventures) Although the front two had a considerable battle on the third lap David/ Honey had a jib wrap at the gybe mark and ended up in the trees. So John went on to win with a damp Andrew behind. The talk of the Heath brethren is now of a ‘Phantom’! Hmm!   
Next off the Merlins were represented by Simon and Claude, Stuart and Nicky and Richard with Philip. They revelled in the conditions but only one flew the spinnaker which gave them victory. Simon and Claude found that the physics of weight against pressure did not correlate, which was not a dilemma for the other two boats!  As they circulated quickly they were allowed nearly an hour’s race. 
Finally the GP’s with George and Chris, Derek and Mary, John with Sue, courageous Keith alone with full sail up and Andy with Elsa in a club boat. George/Chris had an excellent start, challenged by Derek and Mary for much of the race they stayed ahead to win. Keith was blown over near D mark and spent a while enjoying wild floating in our delightful warm river. George and Chris won the event narrowly on handicap.
Unfortunately Tom Perkins had a breakdown on the A3 so we lost two boats, him and Dad, but he turned up later and did a Swallows and Amazons with a lively Arthur and Austyn(‘can we walk the plank’) in a GP. 
Especially thanks to Tony D’ who willingly agreed to help us, swept duck muck, performed a number of solo rescues, picked up members and entertained us with his unique sense of humour and charm. Also to our 90 year old Vet who consulted on the art of Comet sailing. A very special day of sailing at HSC with responsible behaviour from all. My thanks to Jane for exceptional Time Keeping. Finally welcome to our world Aidan York.

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