Sail Chat: 24/25.05.2017 HSC Regatta

Hampton Sailing Club produced a magnificent two day regatta on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June with conditions and organisation to match. Blowing from 12 to 15 mph from the south west on the Saturday it gave all the fleets of Merlins, Enterprises, GP14 and handicap fleets every reason to be cheerful. Regatta Results

Whilst the first real rain for a few hot weeks arrived as we all celebrated ‘Arabian Nights’ in our magnificent desert tent, we were not dismayed and our golden table showed their British resolve with just one slight malfunction. To the accompaniment of the talented youth band from Hampton Village we sampled North African fare and drank copious amounts of decadent western grog.

King Faisal made an appearance as did a fearsome Pharaoh, who came on the bus, a number of belly dancers, festooned in coins, various eccentrics in the fashionable pantaloons and over and above us all were the delightful, feminine ‘Arabian Nights’. One young Arab was even seen to dance solo and they don’t do that in Saudi!

Sunday again brought freshening winds from the same direction and even some sunshine. Once again a good show from all fleets and with three races to get in fatigue and strengthening gusty wind caused a measure of fatigue to creep in. Therefore a few dunkings were to be expected but the river was warm and one Flag was even enjoying the experience!

I wont give to results as you can see them on our website together with the Regatta Gallery and of course its the joy of taking part that counts. After the prize giving, performed by the double act of John and Dave, the Commodore, his Consort, the Flags and all who organised the event were warmly thanked. Quite right a terrific regatta all round!


See you Thursday and or next Sunday.



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